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Day 534 | “If this, then that...” part 4: From Reaction to Creation

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Day 531 | "If this, then that..."
Day 532 | "If this, then that..." part 2: Control vs Awareness 
Day 533 | "If this, then that..." part 3: Consequence & Learning 

"Ah, but alas, the ego – that is ourselves – is programmed to react to conditioned stimuli like a bullet that fires once the trigger is pulled.
By the age of 7 a child has formed the main systematic constructs that will form its ‘personality’, or should we say ‘personalities’ – the ‘who and how’ one will tend to be and react to in the various patterns and constellations of life in this world.
Unfortunately those constructs, those structures, are not formed in awareness. They are formed through impact, and through the reaction a child is having to that impact. Unconscious / automatic coping mechanisms are being developed throughout the formative years of a child – without awareness."

How to change ourselves?
How to stop the wars we wage within and without?
How to change our world, our reality, and the ‘way things are’?
The answer is AWARENESS.

What is awareness? Well, for one, we could consider ourselves aware if we were truly understanding the reality equations of our inner and outer world – the real ‘if this then that’ math, the cause and effect that forms our world as we know it. Wouldn’t this place us in a position to change?

I mean, if we look at how those equations currently function within ourselves, we will find that they are mostly based in fear, fear being an outflow of self-interest/ego and resulting into attempts to control and manipulate our reality/other people to serve our ego. (For an example of this you can reference my previous blog post.)

Now – what would our inner and outer world look like if our ‘if this then that’ equations were based on the matter of fact that is this physical space-time reality?
Would we not gain actual in-depth understanding of how things work? Would we not empower ourselves in self responsibility and truly become considerate and accountable participants?

Indeed the equation of "if this, then that..." is an excellent little formula through which we can a) investigate our own (and our world’s) conditioned patterns and b) get to practical common sense solutions – based on the actual cause & effect realizations that we would inevitably come to if we’d only be willing to 'think outside the box', if we’d only be willing to move beyond our own fears and limitations, our own preconceived ideas, our very own ego.

Let’s have a look at the following:
If this = stimuli/trigger
Then that = response/reaction

Now where exactly is the problem?
The problem is that within all those conditioned patterns we engage and participate in, we hardly consider the consequences, especially long-term consequences, i.e. how we may be compromising ourself and/or other people…
Again the question : What are we creating?
What am I busy creating? And what are the consequences?

Are our “if this then that” equations merely automated programs – where we simply REACT to triggers in the same way over and over again (the pictures may be changing, different people, different scenarios, but the pattern and who SELF is within it remains the same)…?
Or do we carefully and through common sense consideration, in AWARENESS, investigate our “if this then that” equations and ‘correct’ them, such that they allow us to be flexible, to see things for what they are as they come up, to consider all points, to CREATE who and how we are in every moment – in awareness!

It IS possible to ‘deprogram’ and ‘reprogram’ ourselves, it IS possible to LEARN from our limitations, from our accepted and conditioned patterns (beliefs, behaviors, experiences), and it IS possible to replace the old with NEW scripts that contain practical, principle-based applications.
We ARE able to create NEW ‘if this then that’ equations -as SCRIPTS for ‘correcting’- ourselves and live them into creation, into reality, into a new way of being, living and participating in this world.

And when I say ‘correcting’ – this doesn’t come from self judgment, nor should it come from ‘fear of mistakes’. It is simply about correcting the course of our Living from automated-patterns to who we truly are and where we truly want to go in this life.
And of course, ‘scripts’ are but a tool, it can be used as a bridge to handle for example difficult recurring situations – but in the end, I want to trust myself to have a clear mind and sound principles based on which I can clearly assess any given moment/context and decide In the Moment who I want to be and how I want to participate.

So – this is about the process of moving from Consciousness to Awareness; from Reaction to Creation.

…And did you notice that the words REACTION and CREATION contain exactly the same letters, just shifted around... ;) Yet two entirely different experiences with entirely different consequence...

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