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Day 533 | "If this, then that..." part 3: Consequence & Learning

Continuing from
Day 531 | "If this, then that..."
Day 532 | "If this, then that..." part 2: Control vs Awareness

"I mean, we can see in the big and the small how ‘control’ is obviously an illusion – it is a con and a troll – and it backfires."

Instead of trying to ‘control’ our reality, or ‘control’ other people such as our children through emotional and other manipulation tactics, it would be much wiser if we would control ourselves – our own ‘heart and soul’ that is in fact our own mind –, again however not through superimposing or suppressing or manipulating (eg. trying to ‘control’ ourselves into ‘being something’ or ‘being someone’), but rather through practical common sense, self honesty and consideration of consequence.
Because the ultimate question is: What are we creating?
What am I busy creating? And what are the consequences? This is a question valid to ask yourself at any given moment.

The thing about consequence is, it unfolds in space and time – it is an accumulation of outflows, of input, and the output often takes time.
We all are able to observe the impatient nature of ego. It doesn’t want to know about the STEPS it’s gonna take to get to a certain goal, nor of the hardship and dedication.

The thing about ego is, it’s hooked on its ‘quick fix’ and it wants it NOW – regardless.
REGARD, thus, and a mind that is aligned to the physical space-time reality and sets its own purpose and meaning of life in awareness, clarity and determination; a mind that is able to consider consequence and take into account everything and everyone involved in any goal, project, or action: would seem to be the real solution to the problem of ego and its quick-fix obsessions.

But if we’re busy ‘controlling’ our reality for our ego to ‘win’ – How can we ever LEARN? How can we ever expand, let alone move beyond our own (accepted) limitations?

Having a rough look at ‘ego’ up to this point, can we not already see that this ‘ego’ exists in a starting point of fear, of survival, of a constant attempt to ‘maintain control’, even ‘control’ reality/situations, for self-gratification of some self-image we’ve come to identify with? And isn’t that the same power-game that’s being played on the world system arena?
How can we change the world and how we coexist in our world – if we do not first learn to ‘coexist’ with and as our mind and body in a self honest, coherent, space-time-aligned manner, aware of everything that surrounds us – without inner conflict and mental power-games, without emotional roller-coasters and quick-fix hooks?

Ah, but alas, the ego – that is ourselves – is programmed to react to conditioned stimuli like a bullet that fires once the trigger is pulled.
By the age of 7 a child has formed the main systematic constructs that will form its ‘personality’, or should we say ‘personalities’ – the ‘who and how’ one will tend to be and react to in the various patterns and constellations of life in this world.

Unfortunately those constructs, those structures, are not formed in awareness. They are formed through impact, and through the reaction a child is having to that impact. Unconscious / automatic coping mechanisms are being developed throughout the formative years of a child – without awareness.
Because most parents did not learn about LEARNING and CREATION themselves. Their parents did with them the same things that they are currently doing with their own children. We all WANT to do it differently – but how many of us do? Why is that? It’s because we do not make the effort to LEARN how things work. Not even school teaches such essentials.

Well, the times are changing, and as information evolves and becomes more and more accessible, we find ourselves to be the first generation to be in a position to change ourselves through awareness, through understanding how things work, and through making conscious decisions about who we want to be within it all. We have the chance and the responsibility to pioneer a new way of life and living, a new way of learning, and to allow ourselves and the next generations to truly evolve and make something good out of this world and reality.

...To be continued!

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