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568 | Humanity Maturing?

I’m continuing looking into Maturity as a living word, and one point from my previous post on Maturity was the aspect of ‘completion’ or the ‘ripening’ of something – so that got me thinking, that perhaps maturity is not an absolute. Meaning, there can be aspects/situations/patterns in your life where you have applied and developed yourself to be mature in who and how you are in relation to those particular aspects/situations/patterns, and there may be some others that you’re not yet mature in relation to, where you for instance still react towards.
So perhaps then also the question: what IS maturing? What are we creating /what is being created and how? And in relation to self: What am I maturing as? What is maturing within me as me? I’ve looked into this aspect in my post 565 | What on Earth are we Creating? which you can reference here if you like.

So that got me thinking:
Can life mature? Or is it a program/consciousness that matures?
For one thing I can say that awareness can mature – if/as it’s realized and nurtured.

So perhaps in looking at systems we can say that systems are mutating rather than maturing. Because all systems act respectively in self-awareness as self-interest; each with its own agenda (think for example blame, or anger, or jealousy, or any personality system, e.g. the self-pity personality or the megalomaniac – all that is of ego/consciousness systems).
There must, however, be existent always the possibility of maturity of being, maturity of character as a constant, a presence of self. This however is the state where the systems have been transcended in the sense that they have no grip on self. This is something for each one individually to strive in living application within who one is and how one lives; but we must also acknowledge that our bondage is existent not only within, but also without – as the world system of bondage, the utter exploitation and deception of life. Thus, within as without, it is a parallel process of freeing ourselves of the bonds we had accepted and beliefs we had limited ourselves to, freeing ourselves from everything that suppresses our full potential as life. We are indeed moving in awareness into a more organic transformation process, through communication, through sharing, through looking at the world from a solution approach –
to everything that we’re currently facing as human beings, as humanity.

Back to the questions and looking at this existence, our creation, we can say we have matured as delusional egos, as profit-driven parasites, as fearful servants, as unfortunate slaves – depending on what level of the hierarchy we were born into. In any case – a disaster has matured on earth.
Hence we are writing ‘end times’ scenarios as we speak, lol. However it doesn’t have to be this way. Not all is lost. We are still here. And after all, if we are the ones writing the scenarios, then we can still change our course and divert ourselves/our world from self destruction and into supportive, constructive best-for-life living; where we place life before profit, life before ego.

The incredible history of mankind and the blood shed for profit through deceit and deception is being exposed more and more, the ‘end times’ is near but it need not be the end of humanity. Let it be the end of a system of abuse and exploitation. Let it be the end of an ego driven existence. Let it be the end of fear. Let it be the end of suppression and oppression. It’s life standing up.

The veils are lifting, and we are starting to realize more and more that we are not the sheep we were meant to be; we do not have to be.
Indeed it is time to mature as HUMANITY, as LIFE – as true care, true awareness and interdependence, true morality and fairness and consideration for everything that is here;
To mature into absolute self-response-ability and CARE.

To live maturity entails a depth that comes from the deep interdependence we exist within and as, that is real. To live maturity entails a patience and a gentleness, a slowing down and opening up so as to embrace anything and everything, correcting/healing that which is of ‘evil’, and nurturing that which is ‘live’ as life. Embrace everything, so that that ‘thing’ can find it within itself to nurture itself as life, and thus become life and be life and create life.
I believe that we become life in shedding the masks and the systems that we have adopted / accepted / allowed and moving beyond our accepted beliefs and limitations into truly dis-covering life’s potential. This we do individually and collectively, together. It is OUR humanity that is at stake – our SOUL if you will.

To live maturity entails realizing self as the source; Maturity begins within self and the relationship one cultivates within oneself, toward one’s own life, toward life itself; this one life that is the ultimate gift and the ultimate opportunity to get real, to make a difference, to mature not only oneself but one’s world and reality into its utmost and full potential as LIFE –
realizing responsibility and manifesting care – 
step by step, moment to moment, breath by breath in awareness as LIFE.

Let’s get our HUMANITY MATURE – let's mature in our humanity, as humanity, and together we can change our existence and our world for-real and establish new ways of living that will support all life and allow us to truly evolve, express, learn, expand, and… find out what more there is to our existence! It is what we make it – so let’s do it!

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