Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015

565 | What on earth are we creating?

“What am I creating?”
Why this is the most important question you can ask yourself at any moment:

We are always creating – whether consciously or unconsciously – we are always imprinting and patterning both our physical body experience and our life experience;
Accumulating breath by breath, moment to moment, anything that self participates in.

So the question then is, what AM I participating in, here, now, in this moment? What am I embodying? What am I resonating?

This is the real law of attraction. It has little to do with other people, though the ego will use other people to define oneself by or measure oneself against. And what about love? Well I ask myself how we can we truly love and express and manifest love, if that love finds no practical application and expression in the context of who one is within oneself and within one’s everyday world.

Back to the question What am I creating and the fact that we are in every moment creating, building, accumulating who and what we accept/allow ourselves to be and embody OR what we direct/determine ourselves to be and live.

That is the ultimate CHOICE we have in this life, this reality.
But are we aware of that choice? Do we learn about it in school? How are our choices presented to us? How do we define choice?

The question then is in essence a question of awareness. Hence the purpose of asking oneself this question (What am I creating) as a matter of exercising awareness – self awareness to begin with.
We are always creating our own inner experiences, our own inner reality, our own inner definitions and perceptions of things and people and of ourselves, based on the systematic patterning and equation formation that occurs in the formative years, while the child is still ‘innocent’ and entirely dependent on the outer world for its survival and integration. Born into a system the child then becomes a system within the system and the life spark and intuitive creativity of the child gets suppressed and in-formed into patterns of thought and emotion that will form its personality designs and protection and defense mechanism – to protect what? The self as ego.

And this is how then we create and how we’ve created this world, based off of ego, fear, separation – trapped in a system of superiority/inferiority as the oneness of consciousness; where the equality of life’s value isn’t existent, isn’t realized. Awareness on the other hand is where life’s value is realized and thus we begin to nurture and substantiate our life-awareness, our interdependence, our togetherness on this one earth as living beings.

So in asking oneself the question What am I creating, one in essence gives oneself access into self-directive awareness. For if I am busy creating a mood, a limitation, a personality, an ego, then – upon seeing and realizing this – I have the opportunity to forgive and release myself from the limitation and to instead move myself toward expressing my full potential, living the best version of myself that I can be and become at any given moment.

Real-time awareness is thus what is required so as to willfully be and become in any moment the best version of myself, the best contribution to life, my own life and that of others equally.

Here we can see the value of asking oneself the question: What am I creating – what am I busy embodying and manifesting – is it best for life?
For within this, we train our awareness of who we are / what we accept within ourselves at any given moment, so we can make sure it is truly what’s best for life as who I really am, what’s best for all as life.

We are conditioned to believe that change is something big, something beyond us – and yet change is and can only be brought forth through the small steps we take, moment to moment, to be the change we want to see in our world.

Everything in this world exists as relationships. In all our relationships throughout a life time, the one point we have control over is ourselves. Changing who self is in relation to everything else, making a difference in the small moments through being the best I can be as what’s best for life – is how we can effect a change in the world around us; not by force, but by resonating awareness, opening up solutions, sharing best-for-life practicality, and showing that best-for-all is in fact best for all. This is the highest enlightenment human consciousness can reach – must reach, if we are ever to free ourselves from the polarity matrix we have accepted and allowed as our reality where war is peace and live is evil as we have manifested hell on earth.
But we can have heaven on earth if we embrace and apply our divinity (divinity here defined as ‘best for life’ / ‘best for all’) and if we support ourselves and each other to discover and uncover and substantiate life’s full potential.

Thanks for reading.

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