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567 | Looking into the word Maturity

I’m looking into the word Maturity…
Being mature – Coming to maturity – what does that mean?

A simple definition of the word maturity can be seen in the plant kingdom. When a fruit of the earth matures, it is ripe, it has reached its full potential.

Another interesting perspective of the word Maturity can be seen by looking at its opposite: immaturity.
What does it mean to be immature?

When I look around, whether at the news, or at relationships, or at neighbors fighting, or at comments on social media – many times the impression of immaturity is prominent. What do I mean by that? Well that is where people behave and interact toward each other in a spiteful way, kind of like spoilt children do with each other; where it becomes impossible to see the whole picture, as immaturity only sees that which it has matured to see – not yet the whole picture. Immaturity cannot embrace all things, for the same reason.

A further perspective when looking into the word maturity can be drawn from the components of the word itself: where we have “mat-” like in mater/mother and matter – and “U” and “R”:
Mater/Mother You Are –  Matter You Are

…which brings up the aspect of the ‘divine feminine’… that part of ourselves that has been suppressed and held in check through a system of rape and exploitation serving self-interest/ego manifest as power games and a world controlled by its own consciousness.
It’s quite interesting that this word – Maturity – has a lot to do with the feminine qualities… for example with the principle of care, of embracing and nurturing, all existing within the living word Maturity. The words nurture, substance/substantial, matter are alive within Maturity.

Maturity then would be the state where one is able to embrace all things and nurture the life within them; where thus one realizes responsibility for the matter at hand – what we create. Our creation – the materialization of the multi dimensions of our existence into this one physical reality we all share.

To see all multi dimensions – the whole picture – maturity is required.
So within maturity there can be no judgment – only understanding.

Maturity would thus then also entail a deeper understanding and a responsibility and custodianship for all matter at hand – taking responsibility for everything that is here, embracing everything that reveals itself, seeing it for what it is, and nurturing that within it which is good, that which is life – so that awareness as life may emerge and manifest and substantiate itself in paths and forms that are best-for-all, best for LIFE.
To take it one step further – Maturity is also where the ability of (self-) correction exists, thus also the responsibility for correction and guidance where-ever something is not aligned to its utmost potential as life, as a constructive living application.

Maturity also entails a settled state, a calm, a centeredness within self; like still waters, gently moving yet calm and deep. Maturity slows everything down, it is patient, it does not rush.
Maturity entails a dimension of integrity as well.

These are quite interesting points opening up, and I’ll continue looking into Maturity as a living word in the next post.

Thanks for reading.

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