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562 | The small real-time moments of self movement...

Continuing from my previous post 561 | When you´re tired of spinning around... - I wanted to share a drawing I did on that day, as I found it to be showing an interesting PERSPECTIVE:

What's also interesting is - see the 'posture' of the 'person' in the drawing. I didn't do this on purpose, this is how it came out as I was looking at each of the two 'perspectives' of: 'stuff coming at me' in the first/upper drawing, and me walking in the second/below.

In my previous post I wrote about how it was as if there was `stuff´ inside and around my head and all the stuff was like spinning around within and around my head - and so I had to take a step back, like stop for a moment and breathe, slow down even more... and what I realized then was for one there was things that I hadn´t given direction to the very moment they came up, and so continued occupying space in my mind; and secondly I realized that interestingly enough there was a perceptual dissonance existent: 
where I, through my mind´s eye, was looking at everything `coming at me´ - I was seeing/perceiving everything `coming at me´. That's a wild perspective if you really look at it! 
All this stuff was forming lines or ques from all sorts of directions and was `coming at me´ (as you can see in the first/upper part of the drawing). So in that moment I saw the solution, which was to disrupt my perception for a moment, and reassert my will to see direct and in clarity.

So now instead of 'stuff coming at me' I saw that I am in fact STANDING HERE and 'everything coming at me' is simply a perspective formed in my mind, created through -Thought --Emotion ---Reaction -thus through how I RELATE to My Reality. 

What we can also identify here is how such 'perspective' can be/become a conditioned state, where a consciousness pattern (thought-emotion-reaction-thought...and the vicious cycles thereof) can become so 'integrated' as 'reality' and thus so 'dense' that it effects a skewed perception of physical reality. What we can do through our minds is really quite amazing LOL

So yes, as I was looking at these points in that moment, I quickly drew this sketch, and immediately I was able to see the solution; BECAUSE I had made the decision to stop and look in that moment; and so I 'seized the moment' and walked myself out of that state of disempowerment and into a position of self empowerment again - realizing I am able to realign myself as the one walking, the one moving forward, the one directing and taking responsibility for points 'as they come'.

This approach is something anyone can do as a means of 'exercising' self responsibility, exercising one's living will. And obviously it's in essence about all-time real-time application indeed - it's about AWARENESS. 
This is a living 'approach', a self commitment; to not get sucked into the energies of the mind/consciousness, to not accept or allow disempowerment or victimization of myself, but to always seek the equality point with all things, where I can look at things in equanimity to see any point for what it is. 

Those small decisions in moments, real-time, decisions based in awareness - however small, this is where 'big change' comes from, in time.
The small real-time moments of self movement is where you can make a CHANGE - Right Here, starting Right Now.

Direct yourself - don´t be a victim to anything, not even your own mind. 
Breathe - you are a whole physical universe, a body - not jsut a mind.

Self-Reponse-Ability is Key. 

Self responsibility and self movement - and what that practically entails - is a powerful approach that I learned through the desteni I process.

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