Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

554 | Sensationalism and emotional maturity in society

...When a Heroic Teacher Asks Her Kids a Question They Don’t Usually Get, Ellen Breaks Down In Tears - So I watched this video, and then I wondered:

As humanity is awakening to the real value of life and living - will we make sure that ALL WEALTH - be it money / support /resources - flows to ALL?

I mean, I'm all for supporting people who support people and esp. who encourage and support children in giving them the space and time to explore their world and discover who they are as a living being, discover their self worth as life, their passion for life/living, their unique talents and skills and's about our future!

So - Will we work together as life to create a new system /way of living - that CARES for and supports LIFE?

Or will we remain content ‘feeling compassion’ and ‘doing charity’ without changing or seriously questioning the very system that breaks us through enslavement/exploitation, indoctrination/control, a system that through divide & conquer has us on survival mode within an entirely conditioned state of mind/being, where we’re constantly balancing out 'rewards' and 'punishments', being caught up in emotional mentalities, feeling 'inferior' or 'superior', fighting over every petty shit and taking things personally, but missing the very core of our value as living beings – that we are Here as part of LIFE, we are HERE to LIVE

Imagine all those children seen on Ellen’s show continuing to grow in their self awareness, continuing to care and continuing to learn and discover themselves and their passion, their contribution and participation in life, without the constrains of the current accepted and ingrained system... the liberation of LIFE begins within each one

We all recognize that each one life is born with a full potential to be an exciting and meaningful part of LIFE and CREATION on EARTH - given the supportive conditions and shelter that human life on earth requires to be met with dignity, consideration, and respect. 

The Right To Life is currently determined by laws that do not have the interest of LIFE at heart and so it's time to question and correct the agreements that we as citizens of life on earth have come to accept / adopt / follow…

We need a new way of living
We need to stand up to our humanity and make it real in our world
We need to work together
We need to work on ourselves
We need to cherish our breath
We need to equalize our minds to reality
We need to be one within ourselves
We need to be the one
the one to walk, the one to see, the one to make the decision
the one to change, to move, bring forth new ways,
to lead example, share self empowerment
to connect and support
to walk with and learn from
to grow and expand
to flourish in the joy of creation and exploration

Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed and get involved in discussing and redefining the Human Condition!
I support the Equal Life Foundation because of my own principles, and also because it focuses on the power and responsibility that we the people have (if we take it, if we give it, to ourselves and each other) as the majority on Earth - so – 

Let’s work together in Common Sense for Life on EARTH to get to Real Democracy and Real Living Creation in the interest of LIFE


Check out the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal @ the Equal Life Foundation  HOLISTIC and PRACTICAL approach to the current socio-economic disaster aiming to change the human condition & Empower Life!

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