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553 | Moments: MOnument-of-ME-iN-Time

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So I’m continuing in the theme of “Momentum”, for I would like to stress the POWER of the MOMENT, the POWER of HERE that we each have in Every Breath – the only real power we have.

The decision to be more active on the forum comes along with the decision I made to be more active/engaged within my everyday life moments and take initiatives in physical reality. In the end, it's the relationships we create that in turn ripple out and create the bigger picture of relationships within and as our world.
And I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome if we, in every moment were present, Here in Awareness and would 'seize the moment' and really make that moment count, in making the decision to do/express/participate in the best way we possibly can.
This self directive awareness is something that can be lived in any moment we decide to push and go for it, move beyond whatever conditioned fears or anxieties and push for the 'new script', the 'new me', taking that step to express, to participate, and in that, breaking the chains of preprogramming.

All that in ONE moment – which can go either way, but WHO decides?
In every moment there's actually always one CHOICE: we either 'fall back' into the program and do the usual thing, or we seize momentum or rather create momentum in awareness, basically like stating I am here, and then looking into ok what is my contribution, how do I want to participate, what do I want to express, what do I want to create?

We always create who we are. We've been creating ourselves and our world in unawareness, that's why we ALL WANT CHANGE.

It's interesting that we've been talking in the world a lot about Change, not necessarily realizing that at the same time we are talking about Creation. It's just that, to truly create, we must first stop/move-through/transform that which has been re-creating itself as ourselves and our world over and over again – through all our acceptances and allowances. And nobody wants to take responsibility for CHANGE but everybody wants to own CREATION (extremely put). Well how about we Own Change.

I mean, really, whatever thoughts and emotions 'justify' each one's 'limitations', our 'holding back', our 'fear of life' or 'fear of death' or 'fear of ridicule' or whatever the energy for each one is - in the end it's just that, just a program, conditioned with fail safes against change, bringing up resistances, and we really gotta learn to push - learning by doing - it's how we birth ourselves into living, as life, here in the physical. It's how we start creating ourselves for real. I mean so many people 'live out' their 'passion' in the mind, where not much of it is seen/expressed/manifested in the physical reality at all, but they can dream about it, or 'feel it' and 'feel good' - but no real change ever comes out of dreaming alone.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I find I'm focusing more lately on the change I want to SEE, realizing I have to create it. So I focus on recognizing my potential and committing to explore potentials in all aspects of my reality/world/life -
in a way also specifying/strengthening the 'new script', focusing on who/how I want to be and live, rather than in my mind focusing on the things I need to 'change' because then I'm focusing on something that I've defined as 'not good enough' which in itself is a skewed starting-point. So I decide to focus on what/how I want to express and participate in my world, what I want to create, and from there yes I am facing resistances, but I walk in self commitment to in real-time moments push through the resistances, realizing that 'it's just energy' and I don't have to succumb to the pull, it's just the old program pulling and fighting for its survival, generating ‘fear’ and ‘resistances’ as energy within my physical body. But I can breathe. I can ground myself. I can step out. I can make decisions. I'd rather live so that I am ready to die any moment.

 Back to the 'Moment' - that's where our power is - HERE - in every moment. We can only walk one breath at a time, and in each ONE breath, in each ONE moment, we can be the directive principle, we can be the living awareness and real creator.
In case you have wondered, why this title? Moments: the MOnument of ME iN Time,

Well, one thing I’ve come to realize through walking the Desteni I Process is: we always create who we are. We do this either in unawareness – through our acceptances and allowances, based on conditioning and cultural and other programs – or we do this in awareness and understanding, thus in responsibility not only for ourselves, but LIFE itself.

What is the legacy we leave behind? 
What will be written on our grave stone?  
What is the 'Monument' I am building as myself through my participation in moments in life?

Who we are and have become is an accumulation of all the moments we have lived and of who/how we have been and allowed ourselves to be in each of those moments – the thoughts & emotions we implicitly accepted, the self-definitions we succumbed to, all the limitations and behavior patterns: we have been Active Participants in all of that in all those moments, yet – where was our AWARENESS? Where was our self honesty? Why did we compromise ourself? Why do children with time lose their natural self expression, their passion for learning and discovering the world around them?

Obviously we are faced with bigger problems in our world than just ourselves – and yet it is ourselves we must begin with, if we are out to change things around us. Ourselves and our relationships with and within our world – this is how we create – what is here. Let’s do this right. Let’s do this together. Let’s do this for life.

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