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552 | Seize the Moment and Create Momentum

In one moment the other night, as I was listening to an interview at,  I recalled back the time when I first found the Desteni forum, and started reading the material as well as having conversations on the forum with so many people from all around the world –
it was a fascinating time period, for I was for the first time participating in an environment where I could share myself, my questions and perspectives, share about what I was passionate about, about what troubled me – and I found many people being able to relate and there were many supportive perspectives shared with me in response, which assisted me greatly. All in all I had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the forum!

That was back in 2007 and I’ve been an active participant at Desteni ever since. Many things obviously changed in my life and are still changing. I went through various different phases and experiences, both career-wise and personally, as well as had a lot of movement in terms of being in different countries and doing different things. I continue learning and doing the things I’m passionate about, which is mostly in the fields of personal development and education, as well as Blogging and walking the DIP.

In these last years though I haven’t been very active on the forum. There are several projects that I participate with at Desteni, as well as reading blogs and watching the various hangouts. But when it comes to the forum, I found myself feeling nostalgic of the times where the forum was even more organic, a live-ly platform of constant communication flow. So I decided that I’d really like the forum to be this platform again for me.
Well, both myself and Desteni as a people’s movement, and so also the forums, have gone through various phases as well – it’s all a process, an organic movement. So much has developed, so many projects and initiatives emerged, we have moved as a group as we have been moving and evolving individually.
At the same time, for some who have been with this from the beginnings, it may be that the initial ‘enthusiasm’ and personal engagement faded away, and one is now merely participating as a supporter in the background, while the personal contribution on the forum fell short.

So when I asked myself, how can I create for myself and others the communication flow, the connections and interactions that I want to see and experience, I decided that the most practical thing to do was to start sharing – sharing myself and moments from my everyday life. Moments where I for instance had a realization or found a solution, or where I moved myself to step beyond an old pattern, or where I willed myself to remain silent and breathe instead of reacting, or where I completely fucked up in a moment and what I can learn from it.

I know from experience – not only from the Desteni forum but also from platforms like Quora, or YouTube comments, or from blogging and reading/commenting to Blogs, and obviously from life moments in general – that each one of us resonates their particular ‘points’, the challenges and themes or patterns one is working through; and there will always be people who relate more to what we say/share, and others who relate less. So I figured that by simply sharing myself, there will be people who can relate and who would add to the perspective / discussion – and this way we can get to know each other more, and through each other we can learn more about ourselves.

So in that moment - as this remembrance of my engaged participation and grateful experience back in the forum's beginnings came up – I decided to grasp it and create Momentum:
Momentum meaning, a moment where I –in relation to a point– had that spark alive within me, where I remembered how much I enjoyed participating on the forum with other people, sharing supportive perspectives – that moment wanted to be seized, or rather, I truly wanted to seize the moment and make it real, and so there it is: the ‘moment’ in ‘Momentum’ – where, if I did not make the Decision to Give the Breath of Life and Fire up the Spark that is here as Momentum, as the potential that I’m able to see myself living; it would have probably faded away and the life of the moment would be gone and lost, and I would have fallen back into the 'comfort zone' of a more limited version of my potential participation and experience.

So I decided to stop limiting myself and my participation and engage more actively, being that this is something I enjoy so much: sharing, caring, and opening up dimensions so we can look into the depths of our being and support ourselves and each other in bringing forth real change.

At this point, if you’re interested in looking into the latest “Moment” I wrote about, you can read my previous posts 

They are about this very point of Momentum, of ‘the Here’ and what we do with it –

Will we use it, ‘the Here’, our every breath, in self-empowerment? Or will we enter the programs of disempowerment and ‘go with the flow’ of our pre-programmed 'reality' and accepted limitations? Every moment asks this question: Who will you be?

Who are you? What do the moments of your life as you live them manifest into? What do you give life to, within yourself and in your world? That is a question Life asks each one of us in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT – every breath counts.
We only got one life people, let’s make the best of it, let’s explore our individual and collective potentials, to be the best we can be – and create the best version of our world possible!

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