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Day 518 | Hierarchy Creates a Destructive Force Within the Psyche

How does Hierarchy create a destructive force within the psyche - be it the psyche of an animal, a human, or society as a whole?
This short documentary (9 minutes) says it all! When I watched this, I was astounded to see how it took Baboons a few months only to fundamentally CHANGE their CODE of conduct, and those that brought forth and established the change were not even the superior ones, they were not even the original ‘leaders’.

When looking at the human society, what we can see in relation to hierarchy is how it is both the beginning and the end (cause and effect) of exploitation, abuse, manipulation, and a ‘winner takes all’ mentality wherein self-interest prevails and is in essence the driving force behind all individual and collective movement.
The current human condition is based on hierarchical structures within as without; and we can all see the destructive nature this condition exists as. It is a disease, a cancer, a parasite.

Now - the Baboons group in this video were faced with ONE calamity, one catastrophic event which they in fact LEARNED from, directly, immediately, and made the decision for a CHANGE which they could see was ‘best for all’.

Looking at the human society, we are facing calamity after calamity, war after war, crisis after crisis, and yet the human condition indicates that we are not yet truly learning from history, or at least: that we allow our FEAR and conditioning to be stronger than our awareness of the necessity for change. How much more destruction do we need, before we realize that unless we want to head towards self destruction, we must abandon the path we have taken as humanity and find truly NEW WAYS to live and co-exist on this ONE PLANET.

I mean, what would have happened if this Baboons group succumbed to fear the moment a new group with large, bullying alpha-males arrived? You got it, their fate would've turned back to what it used to be, with all the oppression and stress that a hierarchic code brings along. But they didn't succumb to fear. They didn't just accept their fate. They LEARNED from their own history and decided to CREATE their own DESTINY.
Instead of submitting and succumbing to the new alpha-males that arrived, they patiently and consistently showed the newcomers that “we will not play this game any longer! Keep your hands to yourself, we don't do this anymore here, we respect everyone equally and this is our new way of living together, check it out!” It took the newcomer group 6 months (!) to adapt to this new code of conduct and integrate themselves as equals.

We are looking at a new form of leadership here. Leadership - because that's what it took for the Baboons to establish their preferred code of conduct and pass it on to a group of newcomers who would never have imagined such society is possible or even desirable. But they went beyond leadership in the conservative sense - they did not use violence, they did not use domination, they did not use that which they set to abolish from their society.

Now - looking again at the human society, it's interesting how the word Hierarchy sounds like ‘Higher Key’… And we all know/see: the higher you are on the hierarchy of ‘power and control’, the bigger your ‘key’ is with which you can unlock the ‘goods of the gods’ like money, status, security, etc.
So basically we could say that in the current system Hierarchy is the key to ‘divide and conquer’, the key to exploit and abuse, the key to manipulate and control.
We will find this trait not only in the bigger scale of the world system, but in the smallest of human relations. And this is exactly the point that’s vital for each of us to look into and investigate, to begin with, as that is where we each can start changing the code.

After all, you and me – we are the building blocks of society, we are the building blocks of the system, we are the image and likeness that we see reflected in the world ‘out there’. And surely, it is not far fetched to see and realize that a society with a code of conduct that is 'best for all' conduct is what is equally best for me and you, as we are equally part of the whole.

The Baboons (in itself quite an aggressive and selfish species, not unlike the human) are showing us in this short video that we can go beyond leadership as it is defined within a system of fear and control; that we can go beyond revolution as equal to violence; that we can go beyond evolution as equal to mutation without awareness; and that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.
But we have to WILL it, we have to move beyond our conditioned limitations, beyond our petty fears and selfishness, and find within ourselves that which is truly supportive of LIFE, as who we all really are.

The spark of life is in us all, but we have to nurture and cultivate it; birth it into existence for real – practically, visibly so. That is our responsibility as human beings, as HUMANITY. In the name of LIFE.

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