Dienstag, 30. September 2014

Day 520 | "SCHOOLING THE WORLD" - To what end?

I was going to use the title "The purpose of education in the world system", but I chose to make use of the title of an excellent documentary I recently watched: SCHOOLING THE WORLD - a Must-Watch!!!
I particularly liked how 'education' is placed into context within the socio-economic structures of an entire world system. After all, that is what forms the 'education' of the human being. At least, it's what 'justifies' it. 

So I just wanted to share this documentary and share some considerations here.

I've been busy many years researching and investigating 'how things work', on individual and collective level, and in particular I am interested in how Learning works. This of course has me looking at the education system and how 'learning' is introduced and applied.

Our education system carries big responsibility, and that includes parenting, schooling, and nowadays of course the social media. I mean, from an ethics perspective - shouldn't education give us at least the ability to understand the world, to function intelligently and to be good at working with others, co-operating, finding solutions? Would you blame me if I said that the social media have done better at that than our schooling and parenting systems?

The purpose of our education system has been to create system servants to serve the system, 'individually' conditioned as self-interest. Our education systems perpetuates fear, competition, and greed, and it instills the belief that win-win scenarios are hardly possible, or rare, or why bother.

See - it's interesting:
A Win-Win approach brings exactly that: win-win outcomes.
We see, don't we, that our fear approach, our divide and conquer approach, has brought only that: fear, and a living application of 'divide and conquer'. Even in the 'smallest', the individual mind exists within and as fear, dividing and conquering, balancing out imaginary scales - Imagine!

Consider something- how can it be 'normal' that the basic human rights, which is supposed to be something each one is born with - the right to life - seem to be playing-out differently for the rich than for the poor. Ever wonder to what end? Ever considered that the consequences are affecting everyone?


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