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Day 517 | The Code in Self Forgiveness

The Code of Self Forgiveness – Beyond Reactions and into Self Empowerment
* I started this self forgiveness writing in support of another whom I saw was going through some 'digging into' how they relate to self forgiveness. It turned out to be a pretty cool experience for myself to walk through right now, haha. And I can definitely relate to reactions and resistances in relation to self forgiveness or Writing as such, which I myself have also faced ever since I started to consciously walk my life process. Also relevant is that I am currently reinforcing my writing and blogging, for obvious reasons (you know what I mean, if not, here you'll get an idea: When Not Writing)

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear self forgiveness.
I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to look at self forgiveness as religion or dogma or some mantra or belief-system or ideology or as something that can have power over me – wherein, through such perception I imply/believe that I have to 'protect' myself or remain 'in control', and thus within this I create the fear of 'losing control' or 'losing myself', when in fact I haven't yet even explored and discovered so much of myself;
  and that I haven’t allowed myself to see the gift in self forgiveness, where it is about Me for-Giving Myself as in giving myself the opportunity and taking it: to see, realize and understand the codes of my own mind and how I have used it to create a personality or personalities through which to ‘play my role’ on the stages of 'my world' because I had, once born into this world, abdicated my life force, my awareness, and my directive principle to the systems of this world – thus I realize that I was born out of a system into a system to become a system and that if I want to ‘change the system’ (from separation/control/fear to oneness/freedom/value) I must start with myself and the systems that I have become as my conditioned mental and emotional bodies/energies/patterns that make up the in-form-ation that I am and determine my inner and outer nature; 
and therefore I commit myself to investigate and understand my nature, to investigate and understand the information that is me, to question it as to its validity in the face of LIFE, LIFE as who I really am, LIFE that is something bigger than me merely because I had separated myself from who I am as life and accepted myself as inferior, small, insignificant, where I have then turned to the mind/system to make sense of this world and to form myself into ‘something’ that can be seen as ‘significant’, all the while I had given up my own significance as a life force, as a beingness, a living being with creative will in awareness. A child coming into this world where everything that is here is already conditioned and systematized and the life force suppressed, degraded, devalued, lost – How to connect with others and the world on a ‘life force level’…

I commit myself to understand the codes of my reality, of my mind, of the systems of this existence and to MOVE BEYOND the limitations and value-judgments I had accepted about myself and about others and the world as a whole.
Within this I see, realize and understand that self forgiveness is in essence me making the decision or decisions to let go of that which I had defined myself through which however has no real value, no real substance, and is only an “added value” that I have created/accepted and that keeps me from making a real difference HERE, in my life, in myself as an individual, and my world as a whole –  the condition and the creation of which I am an equal part of, thus equally responsible.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that self forgiveness is a tool which I can utilize to look at and see through the Here as I have created it/in-formed it/accepted it;
and as I write/speak self forgiveness I can see it’s like tracking back a thread and unfolding/opening-up the in-formation construct to see it for what it is, why it exists and how it functions, its mechanics, is mental (‘logic’) and emotional (‘frequency’) polarities which is what I had become as ego/system, a persona(lity) of just-i-fication, of self-righteousness/self-interest/fear, of survival basically;
Survival equals fear, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed fear to drive me, to be my ‘motivation’ for survival – instead of changing survival into living, but wait that implies self-responsibility…
Self-responsibility equals power, and I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear my own power or even to fear power in general and fear particularly things/people that I in my mind make out to be ‘more than’ me and ‘so big’ and ‘superior’…
And I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use fear as my driving force, in other words to be driven by fear within who I am and how I live and participate in my reality; where I had allowed my choices and decisions to be made in fear (and thus validating my own self-fulfilling prophecy as ‘inferior’ – “I am in-fear-ior”) instead of me standing up for myself within myself and correcting my relationship with myself, where I take self responsibility and stand as one and equal within myself; as from this starting-point I am able to be/become the directive authority within and as myself in self honesty;

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see and understand Me and the Creation of Me out of fear of self-responsibility /fear of failure /fear of the ‘unknown’…instead of realizing that within seeing and understanding me and the creation of me I give myself the opportunity to make a real decision about who I really am and will be, about what is good/acceptable/working/beneficial in the context of life and what not, what I must change / stop / transcend in order for me to Live Self Honesty, where self is equal to life and where I as life can Give me the clarity and the vision to create something meaningful as my life/myself that will transform the human condition into an existence where we can all truly have some fun!

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that my mind as all minds has the tendency to ‘search for’ the truth or the answer or the ultimate breakthrough ‘out there’, hence the vast impact as mind control that any and all religions, dogmas, belief-systems (don’t forget the media and corporate influence here), gurus, and ideologies have, because the human being as myself did not take it upon itself to see and realize that our truth is the one we create and therefore we are the answer we have been searching for, there is no one to blame really, no one else responsible; the truth is the actuality of ourselves and our world – which is what is HERE as our creation and becoming more and more ‘visible’ and more consequential, for us to see, understand, realize, forgive –
where the forgiveness is thus the decision and the self movement to let the ‘old code’ go, to stop our ‘evil ways’, and write a new script for ourselves to LIVE, so that our Word may redefine ‘life’ and ‘living’ in a way that honours life – then humanity will not use its name in vain and man can be truly kind…Mankind on Earth could in fact have/create Heaven on Earth.
But how can we have heaven on earth when we don’t have heaven in our hearts? Many have ‘heaven’ in their minds but unfortunately that heaven isn’t making a real impact in this real world. The heart is also not sufficient. We must embody ‘heaven’ lol we must embody the solution(s) as who we are in thought, word and deed – then Change is possible.
Why Change?
Well, for one – because we are all suffering and there is hell on earth.
If anyone tells you there is no suffering in THEIR lives…they are still hiding under the covers.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to project it upon another/others/the world to tell me ‘what is right’, to tell me who/how I must be, to tell me what my value is – instead of me realizing my value as life and within that finding Self Honesty as life, and within that seeing the common sense of Life and also what can be done/applied/lived in order to develop and establish a change in how we live and experience ourselves – from survival ego-junkies into living awareness creators…
So what I realize is that with self forgiveness I can deconstruct, understand, and stop/let go/change the inner Hell into a ‘real heaven’, REAL, meaning: where my movement, my actions, my living is beneficial – to me as a physical living being and to my world as the whole that I am an equal part of.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to think and believe and fear that self forgiveness will remove parts of me and take them away from me, instead of realizing that nothing real can ever be lost and that everything is always here –
it is who I am in relation to every piece of information, every piece of the puzzle that is Me, that determines/defines/forms my experience and expression AND my relationship with that something/someone.
Therefore, why not take the initiative and be the one who defines and determines who I will be and how I will stand in relation to each piece of the puzzle that is Me (and that obviously includes other people I have interacted within throughout my life); where I can first look and see and understand who I have been and how I have placed myself, what games I have played and what roles I went into and why…to then ‘stop the game’, take self-responsibility, find solutions, and live a correction wherein I align myself to life, where I shift myself and my awareness/participation from the power games that I feed in the mind/my reality into real power as self awareness in self honesty and respect for life;
Where I see how this can support me and others equally!

Therefore I commit myself to assist and support myself in taking self directive, not in competition or against my mind/consciousness/the world, but in walking through my mind/consciousness/the world and facing, realizing and directing everything that comes up, everything that exists within me as me, into a Living for and by which I can stand ‘till the end of times’, lol, though seriously, I can see that it is quite magnificent to be able to look oneself in the eye ‘at the end of time’ and know/see that one has given one’s 100% in every moment, living to one’s utmost potential and thus within this also supporting the life potential in others to come through…
And therefore I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that with self forgiveness I can face myself, clear all that ‘stuff’ that is keeping me (or rather, through which I kept myself) from living my full potential; where I can start making clear decisions for myself and my life that are beneficial, that are not consequential and self-serving in terms of the ‘quick fix’ of consciousness.
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see that I am being self dishonest when I look through the eyes of the system at myself and others, where I submerge myself to definitions of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, where I think/believe/justify that I have to ‘play the game’ in a quest to fit in or to ‘win’, or to belong somewhere, or to feel at home, and so I look for others to agree with me or to give a FEELING of belonging…where I within that also support the CULTure of separation, where we CULTivate mind realities as ideologies that are often conflicting, while ‘losing’ our common ground and the common sense where LIFE is the value to which we all ‘belong’…

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear that self-forgiveness is seen as ‘weird’ by other people and therefore to then either try to hide myself and my self forgiveness from others for fear of being ridiculed/rejected, or go into the opposite polarity and try and display self forgiveness as if the point of it is to challenge others, when in fact self forgiveness is a very intimate interaction with oneself; and not a challenge in polarized terms but rather a self movement that one wills into existence, where one takes the steer of own’s mind and becomes the captain, the leader, the authority within/as oneself.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to expect/want/need from others to tell me what is right /to tell me I am right/to validate me, so that I can then FEEL like I’m ‘doing the right thing’ instead of me in fact feeling out of common sense what is the ‘right thing’ at any given moment/situation and thus making clear decisions /interacting clearly and directly without self doubt or uncertainty or fear of ‘how I will be seen’.
Therefore self forgiveness is also a process where I give me back to me, where I see I can be/become someone that stand my ground because I know who I am –
Man Know Thyself – 
I can see that whatever exists inside of me creating my inner hell exists within the same mechanics/patterns/systems the world system without exists; and vice versa. I can see that I must change both the without, and the within, as I can see the cyclical creation of ‘system birth’ and the re-creation of the systems of separation and fear inside and out.
I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define the system/the mind as ‘more than’ me and superior, and to place myself as inferior whereby I only deal with reality through emotional tantrums and perceptual mentalities; instead of standing equal and one with ‘what is here’ as myself –
I can see that it’s all a matter of ‘code’, and that we are always equal to that which we place ourselves equal to.
It’s all a matter of definition – in the beginning was the word and the word was god. But we’ve always had a judgmental god, now it’s time for mankind, for us human beings to stop the creation of/as the judgmental god and find to real wisdom as beings of LIFE – all the knowledge and information is here and bigger picture is slowly but surely being revealed, is seeping out of the fogs that veil reality through systems, the systems are being exposed, more and more people find to self honesty and practical common sense, we DO have a chance to literally ‘birth life from the physical’ here on earth, in this one reality, for all.

So – self forgiveness and self corrective application is where I re-write the CODE that is ‘me’

as I approach myself without judgment, but also without justifications; it’s where I approach myself intimately, and get brutally naked to face the ‘brutal truth’ of myself as my mind/consciousness, with the willingness to support myself as life force to Find to Here, to unfold, to come through, to grow roots, to express, to live – for real;
thus it’s where I walk a process of releasing myself from the chains and limitations of patterns that restrict and instruct me, eg. that inferiorize me, that tell me I am the victim of others that are to blame, or that I am superior and must always win etc.; Self forgiveness is where I release myself from the polarities of the system as it exists within, where I get to Know Myself and thus become able to direct myself and through self honesty find to my own stability as a human being that is whole, thus one, and equal; that can stand in self trust and ‘move mountains’.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that the ‘mountains’ are within, as all those ‘things’ that I can ‘look at’ within my mind and make them ‘so big’ that I literally inferiorize myself and thus abdicate my power and directive principle to the mind/consciousness/system to ‘lead’ me;
Therefore I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to use my mind/consciousness/system constructively to get to Know Thyself, to get to see and understand MYSELF; without judgment and conflict, without waging wars, without unnecessary friction –
and this I can do through WRITING, where I can physically direct a point /anything I’m facing – into clarity, where I take self responsibility and I see that I can Change the Code, as I see that I can release and remove value-judgments and emotional attachments and I can see things for what they are; which enables me to see and consider ‘best-for-all’ solutions which are solutions that support/honor/consider the life force, life as the value – the life that we all really are beneath all those masks and personality systems.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that me ‘fearing self forgiveness’ is simply indicating the fear that exists within me toward my own mind, where as I know the mind/human condition the tendency exists to abuse forgiveness, where one can in the mind ‘justify’ and ‘explain’ it in such a way that one will (ab)use self forgiveness to continue ‘making the same mistakes’ or ‘going down the same paths’, where one can manipulate and deceive oneself into self dishonesty, and forgiveness is then only used to discharge the energetic build-ups of things like ‘guilt’.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that for instance real shame, where I can see that my living application is shameful to life as myself and/or others, that real shame is an indicator and opportunity for change; though at this point again the mind ‘wins’ and we end-up (ab)using the guilt or shame to remain in the endless cycles of self-sabotage or self-victimization or becoming obsessed/possessed with blame, revenge, and nasty things like that.

Thus I commit myself to utilize and use well the mind as my best friend, my direct mirror, my ‘revelation’, where I can embrace each point as myself to begin with, to then see it for what it is and ‘correct’ it/my relationship to it such that I can stand in the power of life as who I really am – in self awareness of oneness and equality as life, self honesty and common sense my directive principle.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to sabotage/manipulate myself through my mind/system where I think/believe that if I am to apply/live self forgiveness – then this must mean that I am ‘bad’, that there is something ‘wrong with me’ etc.;
and I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to judge others that are applying self forgiveness or that are mastering a skill I’d also like to master as ‘superior’ and ‘more than’ me;
and that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that within such judgment/alignment/equation: I’d always be the follower/outsider/’odd’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to in my mind make self forgiveness or the ‘walking process’ into something ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ and in this ‘justify’ my experience/decisions, instead of changing/directing it;
I see that self forgiveness as a tool and as a concept or principle is something we can share – to learn, inspire and be inspired – but the Living if Self-For-Giveness is something each one will uniquely dis-cover for themselves; only then can it be real.

Self forgiveness is basically about releasing ourselves from our ‘fate’, the ‘old code’ which is heading to self destruction as we can all see everywhere in the world and the human condition – stopping the creation of further consequential outflows – and clear the way / ‘clear the temple’ for ourselves to start SELF CREATION in awareness, and in the realization that within this we are also creating a new world and the potential is HERE to have ‘heaven on earth’ in other words to have some serious fun! 
Transcend Survival and LIVE.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to resist self forgiveness – and that I haven’t realized how I am within that resisting ME and my own creation, my own responsibility and thus power, my own dis-covery and expoloration, my own living potential for growth/evolution.

Therefore I commit myself to continue assisting and supporting myself in WILLING Myself to Live my Full Potential HERE in This Life. I see that we become through being – it’s a breath by breath process, we are here in space and time and every breath counts.
I can see that self forgiveness is an approach where I reclaim my breath, my time, my power – to OWN my life and myself instead of being OWNED by the systems; where I can see that in embracing my life force and common sense as life and thus by owning myself/my life I can in fact change/redirect/realign the systems of myself and my world to the service of life in oneness and equality and no longer in the service of profit in separation –
in the interest of Life and LIVING!

Self Forgiveness is born out of realizing self responsibility – realizing that at the end of the day it is ourselves we wanna be able to look in the eye(I).

We can create something magnificent here, people! And we know it! We know it in our gut, it’s that deep real desire burning as life force at the core of us all. We simply have to See, Understand and CHANGE that which is the answer to the question “where did we go wrong”!

With self forgiveness, I can answer such question for myself and in self honesty determine who I am and will be in this HERE; and so I can move myself toward new, different outcomes, a new destiny, a new code, a new definition of Life and Living. 

It’s a matter of our value-system look at the constant 'superiority'-'inferiority' equations everywhere, inside, outside.

Our value systems are sk®ewed in every way possible. 

That’s why I support the equal life foundation and the proposal for a living income guaranteed – the team has placed simplistic and practical common sense approach pillars throughout years of research and public communication that can be used globally; it’s a proposal for a change in our economic and decision-making systems as well as in our interaction and communication systems, it’s about human rights, equal access and equal opportunity while allowing the economy to truly flourish in a way that will be less to not consequential for everyone and everything including the planet. With entry point a living income the approach can be implemented in different processes in different countries / regions while we work all together toward global/universal coexistence literally, no longer the ‘human RACE’, but Man Kind as One/Life.

Let’s man up human beings, in the name of life 

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