Samstag, 23. August 2014

Day 516 | Self Empowerment & The History not Taught in Schools

and I definitely suggest watching this to understand the indoctrination we undergo as citizens of the earth, which is one of the factors resulting to the human condition as is.
So we haven’t had the power in our hands - it's been taken away, and we have even abdicated it willingly in the quest for our self interest, the universal survival quest, following the (corporate) ‘lights’ like a moth. We have given the power of leadership and decision making to 'the leaders', to lead us, to govern us. But doesn't that also mean that we can take back the power? Be leaders? Govern ourselves?
Do we even have a choice really?

We either empower ourselves and each other and get to some real living democracy through practical common sense, or we move toward self-destruction.
Our governments won't save us - we do not even really have government in this world, we are run by greedy corporations. The 1% makes up the corpus of the corporation that feeds on the 99% to continue existing. The 1% creates all law and all systems. I don't know why people are looking for 'god' out there when clearly god on earth is money, god on earth is the 1%, and it is not benevolent.
 "It's all about money" – Money is god in this world, money is power, money is control, money is fear, money is debt as sin without forgiveness. Everyone believes in the Religion of Money in one way or another. But it's time to stop all religions and LIVE. Stop following, and start leading ourselves and our world. Let's be 'god' on earth together and let's bring 'heaven on earth' as HUMANITY. Only then will we see real evolution of the human kind.

Consider that it is possible to change the way corporations exist, work and function. A lot of work is being done already by various groups and individuals towards a truly humane change based on practical common sense and a clear view of REALITY. However, we also require new politics, new politicians, new political systems and vehicles that will facilitate a structural change and a redistribution of resources as well as establishing real democracy.

Are you benevolent? Do you care for more than just your one-dimensional self interest? Furthermore, do you care for all life equally because you see that the one true value is life and the right to life; then it's time to shift our interest to Common Sense and change this world system from conflict of interests to a common ground for all of us as one corpus, as LIFE, which we are all equally part of.
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Consider also that it is possible to educate ourselves and to really start LEARNING, that it is possible to lift the (system) veils, turn off the (corporate) lights that blind, and see things for what they are, understand this world that is our collective creation and our collective reality, and stand up within ourselves to make a difference for LIFE, bringing forth a new paradigm of Life and Living – Starting with ourselves, our own lives and the personal worlds we interact within.

Some practical common sense perspectives on education, learning, and the future of human society (I’m glad that Federico changed his mind and is now a supporter of basic income)

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