Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Day 4: Creation of Bubble Existences

We as ego utilize the creation of bubble existences, consciously or unconsciously, to 'protect' our personalities as our self-image that we spend so much time and effort making-up in order to 'cope' in this world.

Bubbles are these energetic 'togetherness'-entities we construct, through which we see ourselves as part of a group, a friends circle, a culture, an ideology - anything that is defined as a closed circle of members and clearly differentiates from the rest of the world. Which is basically the essence of cult development - whether it is peer groups, the mafia, religions, corporate circles, associations, or even twosome relationships: there seems to always be that invisible yet perceivable bubble that determines the boundaries and rules of a group/grouping in relation to the rest of the world.

Family structures function like this as well in this world. Since this world is based in survival, and since survival implies that some must lose for others to win, it seems that automatically we are bound to defend and protect 'our own' against everybody and everything else.
What's so bad about protecting 'one's own', one may ask. Nothing bad as such, other than the fact that through this mode of 'protection and defence' we get more and more alienated from the common sense of life, and come to points where we'll even justify inequality, deception, abuse - because "hey, I've got to protect my own".

So the system 'educates' us towards competition and a culture of separation, and in return we apply this culture of separation to survive within the system, not even considering that there is another way.

We blame the system for the controls it imposes unto us, yet we don't stop for a moment to investigate how these controls exactly operate, how we in fact participate and within that tacitly accept the controls that constitute the rules of the game, how we subject ourselves to the controls of the system out of fear of being cut off and disenfranchised and cast out, left with nothing and nobody to support us.

The system, similarly the family system as well, utilizes mind control techniques based on reward and punishment and rules us as if we were children in kindergarten. Kindergarten - that is where it all starts as well, where we, innocent still, learn the first consequences of reward and punishment and start making-up our first defence and protection mechanisms, our first manipulation techniques, start constructing our first lies and testing how we are able to manipulate our environment into acting the way that suits OUR way, OUR mind, OUR desires and fears, OUR interest.

And so, self-interest is born, the consciousness that will in time support the system, re-create the system, perpetuate the world as we know it.

In order to change the world, we must change the rules of the game. We must teach our children in a way that will not lead them to repeat history and re-create a system of exploitation, inequality and abuse.

To do that, we first require to educate ourselves; To firstly forgive ourselves for allowing the patterns of the past/history to determine our and everyone's existence, to investigate how we have been part of the problem, part of the system, part of the mechanisms that give permission for this world to exist as we know it, to then change ourselves into the pillars and living-examples of a new system, a new way of life, a new co-existence of self-willed equals that will no longer accept and allow parts of life to suffer, to struggle, to starve; but instead give every single being that is born into this world equal freedom, equal chances and opportunities to live to their utmost potential, live life to the fullest in all ways possible.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be part of a system that polarizes and categorizes life in separate labelled bubbles of different 'values', a system that manifests a culture of separatism, cultism and ego wherein we exist against each-other instead of with each-other, where we fight against each-other and in essence against ourselves, because we are fighting against life to survive as labelled 'individuals' bubbled-up in belief-systems that separate us from the rest of humanity, wherein we place more value in our belief-systems than in the value of life and the physical fact that we are all in this together, all on one planet with limited resources, all breathing the same air and returning to the same dust.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to question the groupings people create wherein they feel and present themselves as 'cool', 'strong', 'successful', while if it weren't for the particular grouping whose laws one follow and by whose rules one play, one wouldn't be this 'cool', 'strong', 'successful' individual.

Within this I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that no one makes it alone in the system, and no one makes it alone in life, because life is interconnectedness and that practically implies a certain interdependence; but instead of us all working together, this interdependence was and is being abused to create separate groupings like bubbles of interest, wherein we only take care of 'our own' and disregard the rest of the world, not realizing the consequences and outflows we are the cause of.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be part of a system based in separatism and the exploitation of life in the name of 'love', without ever questioning the nature of this 'love' and how it is that it's not encompassing all and everything of this world but only 'our own'.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that it is good to support one's own family, instead of realizing that the very family-system as established in this world is only cultivating a culture of separatism, exclusiveness and fear, wherein we fear what may happen to 'our own' in this world and therefore end up existing in a protection- and defence mode, wherein we do not give a penny for what is happening around us really.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a system where we use 'charity' and 'positivity' and 'love & light' to pretend we are doing something for the world, when in fact all we are doing is making up for our guilty conscience just to 'feel better' for a moment without ever getting to the core of how this world system functions and operates, while this world is living proof that no charity, no light and no love can ever save the world or make a substantial difference to the current accepted system.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to question the nature of 'love' in this world, wherein 'love' has no practical application, no actual tangible results, but has become a mental concept that blinds us, to not have to see what is really going on, to not have to face reality, to not have to acknowledge our own role we play in the bigger picture - after all, the system is the result of all our relationships; we are the building blocks of this system, and thus who we are determines what the system is.

I commit myself to investigate and understand how this world system functions in all possible ways, to get to the root of the evil, the cause of all effect we are seeing and witnessing all around us, both within and without.

I commit myself to supporting a new way of life where the value of life is valued as the highest good.

I commit myself to not close my eyes from the truth of this world, the truth of ourselves, and to investigate what my participation in this world effects and supports to then make sure that my participation supports only that which is best for life, what which is best for all in all possible ways.

I commit myself to investigate what of this world is reflected in my personal inner patterns, to investigate my thoughts, my fears, my desires and look at where they come from, how such thoughts, fears and desires are created - to then stop all that which is not supporting me as life, stop all that which only perpetuates the accepted system of fear, mind control and exploitation.
And while I stop, I commit myself to bringing forth a living-solution for life, a new way of life and a new system for the world through which all living things may live in actual freedom, dignity and joy.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to participate in a 'joy' that is only based in a form of 'winning', thus only based in the ego of self-consciousness in separation from life - because for some to win, others must lose.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to consider that a win-win much more is possible for the human experience, were we not subject to the controls and limitations of the current system, where life is bought with money and those with money have no life; and even those with money have a life that is determined by the money they have.
I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to without questioning be part of a system where money is god, not realizing that whether we love money or hate mooney: money is still the god that determines who lives and who dies in this world, and how those that live are able to live or unable.

I commit myself to exposing and removing the enslavement of money in this existence through a new monetary system that will re-define money to align it with a value of life and give everyone equal money, equal power, equal access, equal wealth and equal opportunities to joy, expansion, expression; until money becomes so irrelevant that it disappears, as we will then be able to base our interactions on the value of life only, without requiring a medium to measure life and control our behavior.

I commit myself to bringing forth a system of equality and actual life support, a system that will bring forth a world like the one I'd like to see for myself and my children, a world in which we need not fear for our own, our children or ourselves, a world that will be what is best for all in all possible ways.

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