Montag, 16. April 2012

Day 3: World Survival System

I am having a shit day in this survival system of a world.
Currently looking for a new/cheaper place to stay and a second job to bring me more income to support myself with, and this situation of 'looking' and 'searching' has been ongoing for more than three months now. The rents have gone up extensively, the job offers are either too specialized or are not asking for my field of skills.

I am getting an idea of how people end up in despair in relation to this survival system, and all one can do is keep pushing and 'hoping' that with some 'luck' something will open up, or one will be at the right place at the right time and meet the right people that will assist in getting to the right job, the right flat or similar.

All the while those of us who have some work can be considered 'lucky', given that there is an extensive amount of people on our planet that live in poverty, starvation, famine, war, and are currently not in a position to have such 'troubles' like looking for a job, a place to stay or more income - they literally have: nothing. Two thrids of the world's population have no flushing toilets - this should be a clear indication of the extent to which the the rich are living on the expenses of the poor, while the money flows to support things like research for cosmetic surgery, beauty products and wellness attractions, instead of getting together and finding solutions for the entirety of the problem, which is us: the systems we have accepted and allowed to rule the world in bipolar patterns, both within and without.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be part of a system where not everyone is being taken care of equally, where we are led to leave things to 'good chance' and are left with no option but to 'hope' for some 'luck' while we try to manage our 'despair';
Whereby, for some to have 'luck' others will have to be 'unlucky' in a system where one's winning is another one's loss - because we have based our money-system on an imposed scarcity that perpetuates the bipolar patterns of energy we are subjecting ourselves to, within and without.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to participate in a system that sells you hope but is also able to take your hope away, a system wherein we have to 'sell our soul' in order to 'get somewhere', a system that tells us who and how to be, and thus value is placed in relation to what one is able to give to the system, which is something that one does not determine oneself but something that is inherited based on what family/name/status we are born into, what financial and social conditions we are born into and what cultural and moral beliefs we are raised with - and the system only supports those that support the system, and so the system 'educates' the people into slaves that re-create the system and disregards the people that are not in a position to support or re-create the system.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to participate in a system where the value of life is disregarded and life is harmed in the name of profit - where profit is placed before life, where life has become the power-source that is abused to fuel the system of profit, and thus life has degraded to a point where living beings are nothing but robots slaving to maintain a system of abuse, inequality, exploitation and disgrace.

I commit myself to stand and support a new way of life that will bring forth a system of actual life support, where all will in actual fact have equal opportunities for a dignified and fulfilling life from the moment of birth to the very last breath;

I commit to exposing the atrocities we have accepted and allowed within and without until all see the necessity for a radical change that must come forth if we are to dignify life as ourselves; until all see the necessity for the practical application of equality as the living-proof of our regard and honor for the value of life; until all see and realize that life is the highest value, a value we all share as we breathe the same air and share the same requirements for survival on this planet.

Stop the crimes against life that are accepted and allowed in the name of ignorance, in the name of self-interest, in the name of greed and personal convenience.

Give what you would like to receive.

This starts with ourselves and our neighbours, but it must ultimately include the whole planet, to once and for all change the system from a system that feeds on life to a system that supports life; from a system that steals our breath to a system that gives the freedom of breath to ALL LIFE EQUALLY in all possible ways.

Investigate Desteni and the Equal Money Solution!

Investigate how you as me as all of us human beings with some money in our pockets, flushing toilets and internet access are able to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution!

We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to each-other, we owe it to the children to come, we owe it to LIFE itself!

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I’m having a SHIT Day

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