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Day 529 | What Self Forgiveness Is To Me - part 2 - Zero Point

Alright, I'd like to add a bit to my previous blog where I've given some short examples of what self forgiveness is to me.

An interesting perspective that I came to look at recently in the context of what self forgiveness is, was the ZERO POINT.
LOL this is a word/term that we hear and see esp. in the new age or 'scientific' community…
But let me tell you how I look at it.

First though let’s look at Forgiveness as a definition – let’s have a look at the dictionary definition:

Full Definition of FORGIVE
transitive verb
a :  to give up resentment of or claim to requital for <forgive an insult>
b :  to grant relief from payment of <forgive a debt>
:  to cease to feel resentment against (an offender) :  pardon <forgive one's enemies>
intransitive verb
:  to grant forgiveness

Origin of FORGIVE
Middle English, from Old English forgifan, from for- + gifan to give

Related to FORGIVE
Related Words
Near Antonyms

That’s very interesting, especially if one examines the polarities that the word Forgiveness is embedded into, and how there seems to be an ‘external authority’ required in ‘granting forgiveness’.
The definition of self forgiveness does not appear to exist in a dictionary.

Okay, so how do I want to see/be/live forgiveness – how can I define it?

Forgiveness is where I am able to let go and ‘forgive’ a point, where I then no longer see that point in a certain (past-defined) light, and no longer hold any form of grudge/blame or any attachment toward the point.

What is interesting within this as I can see is that I am not only releasing myself from my ‘past relationship’ with the point, I am also releasing the point itself and giving it the opportunity to change, to become something more, something better. Obviously, in case this point is a person, I find it supportive to incorporate an understanding/realization of the ‘problem’ and the ‘problem’s’ creation through communication, so that each one can take responsibility and have an opportunity to change/correct/evolve. Forgiveness without awareness would only bring momentary ‘relief’ but no real solution, no real change – and would possibly perpetuate the problem and lead to its repetition/re-cycling.

So, within a definition of Forgiveness as in letting go and forgiving a point, where I then no longer see that point in a certain (past-defined) light, and no longer hold any form of grudge/blame or any attachment toward the point;

Self Forgiveness would be the ‘forgiving’ and letting go of anything that I have accepted to ‘define’ self/me, as in eg. self-definitions, self-image, self-belief, perceptions, judgments, attributes, patterns…

Self forgiveness lived … is then the moment where (in relation to a certain point) one no-longer holds on to past definitions/attachments and thus is ‘free’ and able to access or create something new, a new relationship with/as the point for instance.

Forgiveness is thus the point where something NEW becomes possible, through releasing the attachment to the ‘old’.

 Thus we can look at Self Forgiveness as a ZERO POINT
Looking at the definition of 'zero point' as in new start, or ground zero, or blank slate, self forgiveness is where I - in relation to any particular point - have 'come to peace' with it i.e. have seen, realized and understood its existence within me and/or within my world, and I no longer define myself by it or hold an emotional/mental attachment/polarity to-it. I can release it, and I release myself from it.

But isn’t that a point of separation? Or how does this ‘release’ work?

Indeed a question to investigate and explore – I mean what I’ve found is that I cannot change anything that I in any way judge. Fear is also a form of judgment, it’s a form of pushing something away, not wanting to look at it, deal with it, have it near. So what could be a solution? Embrace it, breathe it through, become it, understand its existence – then I can release it, then I can change it, as myself.

ZERO POINT when it comes to humanity, our reality, this world - would also be a point closely related to FORGIVENESS - where we’ll have to stop pointing fingers, stop the projections of blame and the abdication of responsibility, and really individually (and together as one) stand responsible for everything that is here, then truly we may be response-able to everything that is here as life, realizing it is ourselves, it is our substance, it is our home.
We’ll have to really release and let go of the old structures, the old ways, the old power game of fear and control, of divine and conquer. Release the fear and the inferiority, release the delusions of grandeur. Ground ourselves.

And that would require forgiveness, it would require self forgiveness, it would require that we work together and truly 'make peace' with what has been, understand how it came to it, and change it to the benefit of ALL.
Fortunately we more and more come to see (as it becomes visible through alternative media more and more, 'leaking' to the surface as per the nature of truth) evidence of a NEW WILL POWER emerging from THE PEOPLE of earth, as an AWARENESS of interconnectedness, of equality, of care – as well as the willingness to work together and to no longer accept the deception, exploitation and degradation of life and the true value life holds, that is equal in all that is here.

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