Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2014

Day 530 | And so it's Christmas Day again...

And so it’s Christmas Day again. Yet another day in a world where most suffer while some celebrate…

How did the civil-LIE-zed world make a MESS out of Jesus Christ?

How did the mental manipulation by some few in power MESS with the message of equality?

Why didn’t the EQUALITY that Jesus presented prevail, but was instead transmuted into separatist dogmas of the 'One True God' – which is in fact what is being promulgated by all religions regardless the ‘name’ of ‘their god’?

How did the message of Oneness become the message of Polarity, based on and supporting a bipolar system of reward and punishment – which is in essence what Capitalism is today: a system that turns you into capital at the moment of birth and begins with your brainwashing as soon as you learn to speak…

Religion is Capitalism and Worship is Consumerism. Reward and Punishment is the two sides of the same coin, they called it ‘love’:  which is in fact ‘Feeling’ – yet another bipolar construct of the system with two polarity sides: love and fear.

Reward and Punishment.

In the current system you can’t have one without the other. And while that is evidently easy to see, we’ve spent eons of time fighting for ‘love’, struggling for ‘rewards’ – never really considering that there must be ANOTHER WAY, a way that is not bound to the polarity of the system that keeps us trapped and spinning up and down…

What will it take to break through the programming that is the brainwashing each one is subjected to under the auspices of the system from the moment we are born, regardless whether rich or poor, good or evil, black or white…?

What will it take to find our way to Real Oneness as Life?

Oneness by definition entails Equality. Without Equality, Oneness is deception. This deception is propagated through every religion as the oneness of that religion/group only. The same goes for any group or grouping that is set to define itself in separation and ‘protect’ itself/its members against the rest of the world.

Any separation requires religion, requires a belief-system. This can be seen very clearly in the evolution of religion, especially the New Age, where the need to ‘protect’ oneself against for instance ‘negative energy’ is the point/belief that creates the separation, the fear, the need, the hope, and thus the capital.
Yet we suppress what is here, within and without, daily in our faces for all to see: the truth of this world, the truth of ourselves. It is not pretty, despite the bright shiny things we decorate ourselves/the world with.

The capital even attempts to justify the fact that we do not give a fuck about half the world starving. To do that, the systems use the ‘logic’ of reward and punishment, making belief that for instance “each one gets what they deserve” or that there are “life lessons to learn” – despite the fact that clearly we do not remember any past lives and therefore it is impossible to learn a lesson for life through starvation, murder, rape or any abuse for that matter.

What will it take for the world to STOP justifying the exploitation of Life?

What will it take to put an end to the system of abuse as capitalism/ consumerism/ escapism/ separatism?

It will take, for one, the guts to see things for what they are and call things by their name.
We’d better start investigating and taking into consideration the interconnectedness of singular points within and as the whole; understanding cause and effect; and acknowledging the manifested consequences we see and experience in our world as the outflows of our action, inaction, acceptances and allowances.

Upon awakening to the truth of this existence, we have no choice but to see common sense and embrace our responsibility as Earthlings, based on the mere fact of the matter that we are Here on Earth, participating in the world system in every moment of breath, and it is through the impulses of our participation that we contribute to forming the world as we know it.
Therefore, it is through transforming ourselves, our relationships, our interactions and our participation in the world that we are able to transform the world into a place of dignity and respect for life. It is through debunking our belief systems and getting to practical common sense that we are able to see the matter at hand and make a difference that will matter in our world of matter.

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