Samstag, 29. November 2014

Day 526 | What self-forgiveness is to me

SELF for GIVE ness

Don’t be sorry – Be better        = Self for Give ness

Change your life, live your change       = Self for Give ness

Rinse & don’t repeat       = Self for Give ness

Own the code, don’t let the code own you     = Self for Give ness

Stop history, before history stops you = Self for Give ness

Don’t think – Look and See, take a stance            = Self for Give ness

Stop the mind, let go your beliefs – You are still Here      = Self for Give ness

Don’t know – understand; Don’t judge – realize             = Self for Give ness

Change the rules of the game, Stop the game         = Self for Give ness

Let go of inferior illusions – Let go of superior delusions    = Self for Give ness

Project not; bring it back to self         = Self for Give ness

Breathe In – Breathe Out          = Self for Give ness

Don't postpone for later what I can do right now     = Self for Give ness

Be still and know I am Here      = Self for Give ness

Give and Receive             = Self for Give ness

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