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Day 523 | Self Honesty and Reactions


The [re] indicates a repetition, a re-enacting;
The [act] indicates the acting-out, an action that is triggered through a stimulus;
The [i] is the I that acts - the I we have become as consciousness/ego;
The [on] indicating our separation, as our actions and reactions are always projected toward 'others', on-to 'others', or even toward the world/the system as we act out our mental and emotional programs, our attitudes, our moods, our belief-systems.

In this context I was recently having a chat where the discussion revolved around reactions and the energetic (inner movement) experiences that come-up as mental-emotional states within our bodies and minds.

Now -
Energetic reactions can be very subtle, for example, say I enter a room where I haven't been before, for example the waiting room at a new clinic, and the first person I see at the reception gives me an impression that gives me a certain feeling/emotion = this would be a reaction (positive or negative) - which will often determine my whole experience at the doctor's, even though it has nothing per se to do with the doctor and his/her clinic.

Now what we tend to do in that moment is try and 'rationalize' our reaction and make it 'right' in our mind, where we in our head 'explain' to ourselves what/why OTHERS are doing and how OTHERS make us feel or what we can apparently conclude [con-clued], and within that we shift our attention from self to 'others' -- but in essence, whatever we think we see in others basically reflects our own self.

How is that? For example:
What I found within my own process is that when I react negatively to another, even very slightly (with for example thoughts/ideas about another or criticizing something about them) I always found that I was doing within myself the exact same thing for which I had judged/criticized THEM
(maybe I was doing it in other situations and in a different way/expression, but the pattern was the same, even though I hated to admit/see it).
In the same way, whenever I reacted positively to another (for example in admiration) I always found that the point/aspect/quality I was looking at and admiring: was in fact a point/aspect/quality which I hadn't yet allowed myself to develop/embrace/express within and as myself.

So - in both cases (positive/negative) - I was separating myself from a certain point (eg. admiration, or eg. judgment) - until I realized that I can in fact look at: How does this point/expression/good thing or bad thing: exist within ME?

By asking myself this question and exploring/investigating the point within me as ME - which, to do, I had to stop taking another's reaction personally, stop judging them, and see the point in how it exists as a pattern; at the same time if I cannot see/recognize a pattern in another's reaction or expression, then I must at my own experience and if it's an experience I know i.e. I've been through that before: then I must look at how THAT exists as a pattern and how I practically re-create that experience for myself within myself -
Once I asked the question of how this exists within me and my world, thus how I, ME, am responsible in the creation or manifestation or re-creation of such situation/experience, I found that I could see and realize very interesting things about myself which I wasn't aware of before, and I could expand myself - which is quite amazing!

Our reactions are showing us something about OURSELVES; they are defining who SELF is, they are not defining who another is.

This is something everyone can relate to, we've all had a moment or another where we could see something about ourselves or an experience of ourselves that we didn't like, and actually see how WE are the ones responsible, which also means that We are the ones that can change it.

So - fascinating - responsibility is power - and by taking responsibility and taking our power back we can have real impact.

This is what 'lifting the veils' in essence is all about.

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