Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Day 522 | Self Honesty and Lifting the Veils

When hearing/reading the term 'lifting the veils' most people can relate to this either in terms of the world systems crumbling down / opening up / becoming exposed - or in terms of some new age context and some 'outer world-forces' 'coming down to save us'.

Surely no one is coming to save us, we can only save ourselves and our world together. Understanding the world systems and the 'game' that is being played as the fraud and deception and dumbing down that rules the world is obviously vital, yet it is not enough. Because the building blocks of the system are each and every single ONE of us, you and me, every child, woman and man that walk this earth. Granted, the one third of the population that exists in starvation and suffering have no substance left to make a stand, all the more it is up to us to take responsibility as humanity, as life on earth and STAND UP.
Back to my point - we are the building blocks of the system, and as such the veils of the system can only exist and 'remain in place' as long as they correlate to the veils of our own individual consciousness and mind systems that keep us nailed into a position in the world where we, too, 'play the game'.

The show must go on - this is the bigger picture - and in the smaller picture too each one has their own show which, regardless whether that brings one 'power' and 'bliss' or 'drama' and 'negativity', fights for its own survival. The living being is possessed by an ego, whether it is the 'victor' or the 'victim' that's irrelevant.
So - lifting the veils is in essence about lifting the veils that our own ego as conditioned consciousness has span around our beingness, around our free spirit of brotherhood, of humanity, of substance as life.

In this context, we have to look at our reactions. Interesting word: re-act-i-on

The [re] indicates a repetition, a reenacting;
The [act] indicates the acting-out, an action that is triggered through a stimulus;
The [i] is the I that acts - the I we have become as consciousness/ego;
The [on] indicating our separation, as our actions and reactions are always projected toward 'others', on-to 'others', or even toward the world/the system as we act out our mental and emotional programs, our attitudes, our moods, our belief-systems.

I will continue more on 'reactions' in my next post.

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