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Day 521 | Humanity Deschooling

Continuing from Day 520 | "SCHOOLING THE WORLD" - To what end?   and looking further into the purpose of education in our world system, what can be seen is that we all are educated and trained to fit into a system, to maintain systematic relationships, to exist as systems. That is who we are and what we do to our children.

Granted, we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, lol, no, I am not referring to 'light' in a new age sense, that's a 'light' that blinds many and keeps them from dealing with reality and making real choices, let alone the profit made within the whole 'light' business.
The light at the end of the tunnel I'm referring to is the reflection of our own life force that we begin to become aware of within ourselves, within each-other, within the life that is here. The light at the end of the tunnel is all those potentials we witness through for instance social media and in our world in general - people standing up, speaking out, coming to common sense and sharing solutions - seeing the vision that we all have deep inside: that a better world is possible, that a life in dignity is possible, that there's so much more HERE.
The tunnel being the ways we've distanced and suppressed ourselves from reality, from our own self, from who we are within ourselves and with other living beings and in our world in general. The tunnel is not real, yet it's made real. We make it real every time and again. If we understand this, we will grasp that in the same way we can, through self-honesty and practical common sense, truly 'educate' ourselves into a 'new reality', one that we build and manifest ourselves, together, one where life is the value, where we 'get real' and take responsibility for what is here as our world. (It's really most important that we learn to work together!)

The tunnel also represents our entire 'education' processes, what this world makes of us all, our conditioned patterns and accepted self-limitations, the way we treat others and the way we suppress ourselves in fear; the way we deny and the way we ignore; the way we justify - everything that we use as a blind.
Our education system carries big responsibility, and that includes parenting, schooling, nowadays of course the social media. I mean, from an ethics perspective - shouldn't education give us at least the ability to understand the world, to understand ourselves, to function intelligently and to be good at working with others, co-operating, finding solutions?
So - in seeing how our existence of survival in the system not only destroys our potentials but also our planet, our life force, seeing that our education isn't sufficient to produce caring and incorruptible human beings, we must seriously question and investigate all belief systems, all value systems, all creation, and start re-educating ourselves and each-other in common sense, in awareness as life.

ALL of what is here, all of what we see and realize can be used in a process of conscious change, of understanding, of 're-education' of what it means to live, to let live, to care, to flourish, to create, to have dignity. To live human rights, to live freedom, to live peace, to live progress and evolution, and not have those words be empty, nt have our minds belittle us with those conditioned reactions of inferiority, of submission, of fatalism. But see, that acceptance does exist. And that one acceptance is what makes it so real when a thought comes up like "I'm only human" or "I'm just one insignificant chap" or "I can't make a difference". Yes obviously, lol, not even a king could rule an empire without many on his side. Lol bad example, don't get me wrong now, I'm not advocating kings, lol, what I am advocating here in fact is: no more sides.
Life is here, life is you and me, we are all here together on this ONE, planet interconnected, interconnected in ALL that we do. Now how can we support ourselves, each other, and everyone, in getting to real value, real quality, equality of life - which means each one gets to live their full potential. I mean, wow. Who wouldn't want this? The awareness is already here, we really now gotta ground it into the physical reality, as ourselves, into the moment-to-moment relations we participate in, into each choice and decision we make. On all levels - individual, parenting, schooling, society, politics - this real vision, this real 'light' can shine into. Through individuals like you and me. Do you recognize your full potential every day? I commit myself to recognize my full potential every day, and to remember that I can live my full potential in every moment, with every breath, regardless where or with whom.

The purpose of our education system has been to create system servants to serve the system, 'individually' conditioned as self-interest. Our education systems perpetuates fear, competition, and greed, and it instills the belief that win-win scenarios are hardly possible.  
Our education has been based on the polarity-system of 'reward and punishment' (which, zoomed out into the existent societal structure translates into 'the rich and the poor', or: the elites and the disenfranchised) - our education is hardly based on actual understanding of our reality, in all its aspects, particularly the practical, the 'how things work'. A complete 'alternate reality' -an illusion- is what we each buy into at birth. Now - how do we solve this problem?
The times are already showing that people are waking up, people are standing up, people embrace a 'calling' bigger than themselves. And no it's not god or anything metaphysical. It is life, it is who we really are, self as life potential. We all realize we'd be truer to ourselves if we respond to this 'calling', by standing up within ourselves and breaking through the polarities, by going beyond fear and survival to express the message that it is time for change, it is time to BE the change for real, to manifest change, to show that this world CAN be a different place, a better place for all.

The purpose of education should be to support and inspire that 'spark of life' within each one, in a way that each one is able to explore and express their full potential. This goes out to all parents, to all children of parents, to all social media activists, to all teachers, to all politicians in city councils, to all workers and to all elites. Because each one would want for their children the best.
This is something we can all agree on - you want what is best for your child - yet would you not also agree: you can't really have what's truly best for your own child and who they really are as life, you can't have the best world for your child to be born into - unless you give that to all and all have an equal opportunity to live their potential and explore life as who they are.
I mean, in SUCH a world, we can then truly start discovering amazing things and DOING amazing things, because the principle 'profit before life' would have been transcended and transmuted into 'life for life' - life for all - life is here.
Life is here, we are here - so let's understand it, let's understand ourselves, let's understand each other and this creation that is our world, and let's see to it that we make the BEST out of it, for ALL. That would be an awesome outcome of a real education process. But we have to take responsibility for it, we have to do it in awareness, we have to do it together, yet ultimately individually, not alone but in integrity of self as allone and equal - in a process of creation, a process of realization, a process of birthing ourselves as life from the physical - for real.

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