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Day 501 | Investigating Self Awareness - From Reaction to Creation

I was going to give this blog post the title “The End is the Beginning” or “The End of Me” lol - Why? Because I am at an interesting point where I am ready to give up 'the old me' without self-spite.
It simply isn't bringing it anymore lol, it’s too small, too limited, too self-absorbed - the 'old me' i.e. all habits and conditions and
limitations and definitions and judgments and reactions and patterns that make-up the 'who I am' as the 'me' I have been as who and what I had created myself into, which is what the result of my life, my conditions and my relationships is basically showing me, reflecting back to be like a mirror.

But instead of approaching the 'old me' in
self-judgment and self-loathing, within that in essence sabotaging myself and my ability to expand and change - I now apply a constructive approach.
At the same however, the
awareness and decision is here that Enough is Enough! That I commit myself to assist and support myself in the process of stop existing as mere Reactions and start Living in a process of actual Creation.
I will no longer limit myself, I will no longer accept
anxiety and stress to be the driving forces in my life, I will no longer follow the experience of negativity, of lack, of inadequacy, of anything for that matter that serves only to belittle me and keep me confined in a 'controlled environment' that is my mind/consciousness, the 'old me' that has felt 'safe' within its own self-imprisonment...

Which brings us to the point of self-creation. It is our
acceptances and allowances that we hold within ourselves/our minds that in the end determine who and how we are. We are always the judge, and we are always the one that gives permission as to what we will accept about ourselves and where we will set our limitations!
We always create ourselves - and it seems we only have one real
choice in life:
to either give ourselves up to the systems of
consciousness and let 'them' (i.e. conditioning, habit, belief systems etc.) lead the way, to 'carry' us, to tell us who we are, what we need, what we desire, what we must fear, what we can and cannot do – and thus create ourselves ‘blindly’, in unawareness, through/as our REACTIONS;
OR to take directive leadership within ourselves and make Real
Choices - which implies in fact absolute self-responsibility, realizing that what will become of me and what I will make out of my life is entirely up to me. Here it’s about actual self CREATION, in awareness.

(Granted, within the current
world system there do exist physical limitations based on the socioeconomic conditions that each one is born into, but we're only fooling ourselves if we use that as an excuse or justification for why we are not making the BEST out of our lives, the BEST of ourselves, to the BEST of our ability.)

Interestingly enough those Real
Choices I have referred to are not measured in ‘small’ and ‘big’, nor are they 'out there' somewhere; they are Here in every moment - as every moment defines who we are.
Thus we either ‘find’ and establish self
awareness by in fact Being Aware in every moment that is here in this physical reality, thus seeing things for what they are and directing ourselves in the context of Reality, determining thus 'who I am' in every moment as a self-movement in awareness, an act of self-leadership;
OR we simply FOLLOW the conditioned and habitual
reactions as the emotional-, thought- and behavior-patterns we have become, and accept/allow them to move us and to determine who we are.

So, looking in
self-honesty at the consequences and confinements of where our conditioned patterns can lead us, I cannot but state Enough is Enough.
Which brings me to an interesting point that opened up when I looked at this word, the word ENOUGH, more in-depth. I will elaborate on this in my next post.

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