Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016

592 | I Do Not Belong

belong (v.) 
mid-14c., "to go along with, properly relate to," from be- intensive prefix, + longen "to go," from Old English langian "pertain to, to go along with," which is of uncertain origin but perhaps related to the root of long (adj.). Senses of "be the property of" and "be a member of" first recorded late 14c. Cognate with Middle Dutch belanghen, Dutch belangen, German belangen. Replaced earlier Old English gelang, with completive prefix ge-.

I do not belong

Why belong?

longing to belong – would that actually mean we do not belong to our own self, that we are not acknowledging our own existence as whole, as sufficient, as capable? Would that then mean we do not even know our own self?

…Man Know Thyself…
What is the true meaning of these words?
And if you know your strengths and weaknesses
do you really need to belong,
When you can be here in awareness,
acknowledging your own spirit,
embodying your own will and authority,
honoring your right to self-determination,
sovereignty of self and peace of mind,
trusting your own ability to learn and grow
and live the self-directive of making your own choices,
the choices that will truly honor your own divinity
as life’s full potential?

When everything around you crumbles
will you go along with it?


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