Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

560 | What Can We Learn from the Death of Cecil The Lion ?

The Consciousness of The Lion

Cecil The Lion's death has been 'trending' on social media this past week and has truly created ripples on the world wide web. 
And so it’s really interesting to look into the point and see what this is showing. There’s already been several cool perspectives shared, discussing this point and what we can learn from it. Make sure you check out these critical and reflective posts:

Cecil, The Life of One Lion



Steve Irwin's Message after the Death of Cecil on Youtube



I’d say one of the vital points the mass awareness that was expressed and is being expressed in relation to the death of Cecil the Lion is showing, is that humanity realizes more and more how we are reaching the point of no return and we must do something about it! 

What is important now is that this doesn’t remain just ‘news’ and a momentary sensation of "we should act" that fades away the moment the phone rings – after all, then sensationalism and media control would have reached their purpose – but that we DO work together and educate ourselves about what is going on in world, and find solutions to make sure the future of humanity is a safe home for ALL LIFE!

Find out more about the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE LION and what we can learn from that about human nature and the consciousness of humanity!

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...And if these numbers don't talk for themselves and make you STOP for a moment and look at what we're facing here, then here's an excellent fact-detailed article on The Rolling Stone:

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